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Nordic Wood

Natural evolution


DESCRIPTION:  Nordic wood rapresents a new generation of wood-effect ceramic surfaces; the collection's comprehensive range of sizes and all accessories project rich colours onto innovative modules. 

The spina and bachette textures are organized within modules which, when placed side by side, give the surfaces incredible visual continuity, while permitting fast installation. 


26x160 - 10”1/4x63”

10x60 - 3”15/16x23”5/8

30x120 - 11”13/16x47”1/4

20x90 - 7”7/8x35”7/16

20x120 - 7”7/8x47”1/4

20x120 - 7”7/8x47”1/4

30x120 - 11”13/16x47”1/4 spina

COLOURS: Walnut - Blonde - Almond - Glacier - Pepper - Brown 

Nordic Wood Nordic Wood Nordic Wood Nordic Wood Nordic Wood Nordic Wood Nordic Wood

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Tiles wood effects Nordic wood
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